Pottery As A Hobby


Branching Out into New Projects

While living museums continue to interest new people in the craft of pottery, many experienced potters have moved on to new challenges. They have seen the incredible porcelain and fine bone china produced by crafters of the past, and their desire is to learn the secrets and techniques of making these beautiful pieces on their own. Lucky potters are able to find a mentor in this field, and others must simply search in books and online to ferret out the secrets of creating these pieces.

Whether a potter is personally tutored or they dig out their own information, this craft continues to move into the future. Many potters have learned how to choose the best clays to create fine porcelain pieces that rival those of the past, but they have advantages that past crafters might have envied. Modern communications and online buying allow today’s artists and craftsmen to seek out new and better glazes to decorate their pieces in innovative ways.

The beauty of English fine bone china is undeniable, and it has been admired for many years. Recreating pieces of the past is a hobby for some artists, but others prefer to strike out in new directions when making fine china. They love the durability and translucence of the pieces, yet they strive to create different shapes and decorations to make their pieces stand out from those of the past. Modern potters are looking for new creations rather than the ability to simply copy what has already been done.

Porcelain and china have always commanded attention, and new pieces are being recognized as beautiful works of art that can grace modern venues. Ornamental vases and platters continue to catch the eyes of interior designers, and their beauty is an addition to many newer homes and offices. Crafters working with clay today have the advantage of using a wider palette of glazes in new ways to continue the search for the perfect porcelain and bone china pieces.