Pottery As A Hobby


Experiencing the Pottery Wheel

Throwing pots is a hobby for some people, and for others it is a way of life. There are people who throw pots for a living, and others use it as a way to relax.

Strength and stamina is required

Whenever making pots on a wheel is shown, it always looks fun and easy. It is depicted as if it is a relaxing way to earn a living or produce beautiful pieces with little effort. It turns out that throwing clay pots on a wheel takes training and a bit of muscle. Clay and kaolin is a dense material that requires effort and strong hands to mold properly.

Training takes time

Studying how to create pots this way is becoming more and more popular. For many, it is a peaceful way to express creativity. Training takes time, but applying the lessons learned in classes and diligent practice on a regular basis will shorten the time considerably. It takes an effort on the part of the trainee to succeed.

Firing the kiln

While throwing pots is a huge draw for many, it is also important for them to have finished pieces. Finishing a piece requires letting it dry and having it fired in a kiln. Many pottery training facilities have their own kilns on site. Some have the use of a commercial kiln for this process. It may take a few weeks for each piece to be dried and fired, but once done, the decorating phase begins.

Finishing the piece

Decorating handmade pottery is a pleasant skill to exercise. It gives the potter a chance to expand on their creativity by applying colourful decorations and glaze to their thrown piece. Some people enjoy this phase as much as working the clay from scratch, and they take pleasure in hand painting and glazing their piece. Other people prefer only the art of throwing and have difficulties with finishing their piece. For them, there are ceramic transfers and ceramic decals available in many styles and colours. These can be added to a fired pot as decoration. The piece can then be glazed and submitted for the final firing.