Pottery As A Hobby


Learning to Sculpt

For those who like a challenge, the modern world can be a boring place to live. Many activities have been reduced to the size of a small screen, and electronic games and hobbies have replaced the interests of many. For those who are willing to get their hands moving on something other than a screen, learning to sculpt with clay could be an exciting new way to spend their leisure time. The challenge alone of trying to create something could provide them with a hobby they can look forward to after a hard day.

There are not set methods of being able to shape clay by hand, but it is important to note that it should not be allowed to dry out before the piece is finished. Some people forget this as they are learning, so they could be disappointed to discover the item can no longer be modified when they forget to encase it in a damp towel.

Some hobbyists do not have the ability to work on an item every day, so they will need to find a way to keep it from drying out when they are unavailable. Enclosing it in a cooler with plenty of moisture could work well, and they will be able to return and finish their project as they have time. Others might be able to get someone else to dampen their piece for them, but they will have to find someone who is very reliable.

Finishing a clay sculpture can be done in several different ways. While many clay pieces are fired in a kiln, not all sculptures will need more than time to dry before they are ready for their next step. Some hobbyists will wish to paint their molded piece, but others could just add a layer of glaze to give it a healthy shine without embellishment.